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We are one of the best manufacturers and distributors of human hair extensions, Remy hair, weaves and other hair accessories. Despite the quality of our human hair categories, we ensure that all our products remain affordable. Our raw materials are procured directly from donors in Indian villages and temples.

These hair have never been treated or chemically processed, this is called the Remy hair. The Remy hair is the best quality of human hair in the market. The cuticles are usually in the same direction. It is not chemically processed neither is it subjected to any form of bleaching or coloring.

We sell wide range of Indian hair and raw hair extensions. There are a few hair vendors in India that sell quality and real Indian hair like ours. The hair market is filled with lots of non-Remy hairs that are packaged to look like the original Remy. The original raw Indian temple hair goes through a lot rigorous processing to ensure that it retains its natural and original form.

The process is manual which makes it thorough and time consuming. From the sourcing level to the final sorting and packaging, the Indian temple hair is hygienically processed and refined by our top hair experts and professionals.

We supply authentic hair products that guarantees your sensational look. Our customer base includes people who buy raw Indian hair wholesale and individuals who purchase them for personal use. The India hair company is a large one with a lot of wholesale hair distributors but not everyone sells raw and real virgin Indian hair.

We have a great collection of Indian curly hair bundles for sale and we can guarantee our deals will provide you with a cheap Remy hair of your choice.

                                                                                 Our Hair Factory


Our hair factory is divided basically into 3 parts, all which are rigorous and thorough.

                                                                                 The stages are:

After the collectors have sourced for the hair, the hair is dried in the sun to expel the insects and lices present. 
It is then handpicked with maximum caution in order to ensure that the cuticles are unilaterally aligned to maintain the Remy state of the hair.

The wefting stage includes the use of high cotton tread to hold the hair together, the quality of the wefts prevents the hair from removing. The wefts are safe, durable and comfortable on the skin.

The sanitization is done manually in large containers and the hair is washed in hot water with regulated temperature. No chemical or additives, we wash with the aid of natural shampoos made from herbs.


We sell all sorts of Indian hair, wholesale hair extensions and human hair, raw virgin Indian hair, Remy hair wholesale, wholesale Brazilian hair, Indian curly hair bundles etc. top virgin hair companies in the world like ours are few because we provide you with the best quality at an affordable price.

Our human hair extensions are hygienically refined to meet our consumer needs. 
We deliver across various countries, contact us today for your real and unprocessed Remy.



Raw UNPROCESSED Indian Temple Hair Extensions


Barely a decade ago, who could’ve thought the activities of dozens of Hindu women who sit in rows on the wooden chairs of a small temple in Chennai, India waiting for their hair to be shaved as an act of complete devotion to their gods; would today transform into a boisterous money making venture.


Sri Bhavani Amman Temple is among the major contributors to the material creation for the raw Indian temple hair extensions; gathers about 3 tons of hairs from pilgrims’ head yearly; to be sold to processing plants for export to different locations around the globe.


What could be described as excess or of little importance before now serves a better purpose to aiding the need, aspiration and beauty requirement of another individual elsewhere. Today, celebrities can now flaunt some elegant and naturally looking hair extensions which might though seem like theirs but is a product of extensions.


Aside its contribution to look, beauty and fashion life, the raw Indian temple hair extensions had also created what could be regarded a multi-million dollars venture with China and Russia leading in its export. The Indian hair is however considered to be among the most reputable type in the industry with annual export worth $300 million.


Raw Indian temple hair extensions today is a steady source of revenue both to home government and as well the Sri Bhavani Amman Temple. It created jobs and enhance social welfare services. Most importantly, Raw Indian temple hair extensions provides quality and natural hairs available for individuals around the world to complement their beauty, enhance elegance and as well build esteem and confidence.


It’s no news that India is one of the biggest manufacturers of human hair and it exports up to 25% of the hair extensions in the market yearly. With a population of over 1.3 billion people and roughly 600 million women, India conveniently supplies various categories of human hair at global level.

The Sourcing Level

This is the beginning of the manufacturing process and the “collectors” dominate this stage. A lot of virgin human hair sourced from India are gotten from rural temple and village donors, most of of which are purely natural, high quality hair which mostly have never been treated with chemicals or dyed other than washing with coconut oil and herbal soap. This is why the hair extensions maintain its natural and virgin form, strong and healthy.

Our human hair extensions manufacturing unit is multi-faceted, we employ the use of both traditional manufacturing process and contemporary machineries.

At our factory, we have professionals and experts who go through rigorous processes of converting the raw human hair procured from the temples into hair extensions. In order to maintain our credibility and quality, we do not use chemicals at any point in time during the processing in order to ensure the unilateral cuticle direction which means all hair follicles face one direction and stay intact while the extension remains healthy.


Our manufacturing process is rigorous, thorough, and time consuming –

For example, after collection, the hair is dried in the sun instead of using heaters.

We also don’t apply insecticides, lices and nits if any are handpicked carefully by our experts.


While maintaining a natural processing style, we follow the KANBAN approach for effective time and resource management.

This approach ensures that we control the stock and efficiently manage the resources to manufacture the hair extensions at a reasonable cost and at the right time.

We pay attention and exercise maximum care in order not to mix head and tail of a hair bundle using band technique. Right from when the hair is collected from the donor, the bundles are carefully tied at the head and only removed at the wefting stage. This is done in order to maintain the REMY state of the hair throughout the process.

Our wefts are made from high grade cotton based threads used in the textile industry. They ensure that the wefts are durable and long lasting. They are also safe and comfortable on the skin. Our wefting machines are imported from Japan.

Sanitizing The Hair

After the hair is sorted and measured, the next step is to wash and this is done manually in giant baths. The hair goes through 3 sanitization steps that involves washing with hot water. However, the water temperature is monitored throughout the process. The water is natural, we do not add any chemical or detergent, instead we use natural shampoo manufactured by us from pure herbal contents.


The hair is then laboriously and carefully pulled through long beds of spikes by hand to smoothen it before neatly tying into a bundle of 200 strands each.

Our hair go through the finest processes and our team of experts are dedicated to ensure they stay natural and hypoallergenic

Machine Wefted Hair Extensions
Weft sealer and glue
Temple hair
Sample & Start up Kits available for starters​

We have top class hairweave’s that have been manufactured through professional step by step processes. Our products include

Machine Wefted Hair Extensions

With the aid of our superb team of professionals, we produce and export a wide range of quality Machine Weft Hair Extension that are processed through the use of quality raw materials and the world’s best technology.

Our machine wefted hair are hygienically manufactured they are available in various assortments of colors and styles much to the delight of our clients and hair lovers. Because of their quality, our machine wefted hair are free from shedding & tangling and have a lushly fine texture.

Weft sealer and glue

At some point, most people have experienced hair shredding from weaves, but our quality hair weft sealer is one of the reasons we stand out in the market. Our weft sealer adhesive ensures the safety and conduciveness of your wefts also known as tracks. Our wefts sealers provide an extra hold that prevents your hair from shredding.

Temple hair

Human hair extensions and wigs were first referred to as Indian Temple hairs and that’s widely regarded as the professional term. It’s no news that India has the best hair extensions in the world and we have the best dealers of Temple hair, we have a wide range of temple hair collection. Our temple hair are tangle free and have a natural blend. Be rest assured, the durability and long lasting nature of our temple hair is impeccable.

Length and texture of your hairs orders can be shuffled in various ways to your satisfaction. Silky and lushly straight hair textures can come in both long and short forms. Curly and wavy hair textures can be mixed based on customer request. Our customers can have orders shuffled in various inches, styles and textures. All you need to do is make specific orders and our team of experts will have the sorted out.

Sample and start up kits available for starters

If you are new to hair extensions, our extension starter kit has all you need to give you the best results. Our kit contains great collection of products to moisture and nurture your hair in its natural form.

New clients often ask these questions, how do I get started? How do I buy the required products for my hair to keep my hair moisturized? Our natural hair starter kit is your all in one answer to facilitate your natural hair journey. Our starter kit contains great natural hair routines that will help you nurture a long and healthy hair.


 Initially I was more skeptical as I lost a lot of money purchasing hair from India and China. Though I am totally satisfied with Varshini Hair Impex professionalism and commitment over phone and email; I was reluctant in spending again on the hair from India. I made my mind and placed an order. The moment I received the hair... no words!!! I finally got a vendor whom I can rely on and focus just on the sales.  


''This is the most reliable supplier for my hair company. I have multiple suppliers for my business yet any day I would rate Varshini Hair Impex as the best in terms of hair quality, consistency and professionalism.''

While starting up, we cannot afford to spend a lot and their start up kit is the best option for a newbie. It fits the budget and I am amazed by the quality of hair. I am happy to see a manufacturer in India helping out in possible ways to establish my business here in the states. I owe my success to Varshini Hair Impex and their team for providing the best hair at the best price and their valuable suggestions for growing my business.


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