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Using high grade natural Indian Straight Hair, these hair frontal offer you the desired look and instil the required confidence. It is convenient to style these frontals the way you wish as they are made of natural hair which is not processed in any manner. The customer can also make a choice between the different lengths available. With a realistic hairline it is almost impossible to detect this hair frontal. Besides being styled easily, it is maintained like natural hair with a regular shampoo. It is advisable to refrain from tugging or scratching this too hard as this might cause uncalled for damage.

13"x4" Frontal Raw Indian Straight Hair

SKU: 364215376135199
  • Raw Authentic Unprocessed Hair Frontal Straight 

    Hair Weight of Frontal - 60 to 70 grams

    Size - 13x4
    Natural colour
    Single drawn
    Cuticles in one direction
    No tangle
    No matting
    Very minimum shedding
    Lenght 12 to 24"

  • items ship within 6 - 7 working days through DHL or Fedex

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